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"Kyouko Kirigiri - detective. I'm only admitting this because I'm trying to subtly invite you to a special investigation.
An investigation of the d e a d."

[Independent Dangan Ronpa RP blog for Kyouko Kirigiri. Post-despair; slightly AU.
Main blog of "kiir-deertective". Will RP with anyone.]

Physical Health: Fine
Mental Health: Unfocused
Relationship Status: Single
M!A Status: N/A [Open]



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New Gang Leader Ishida Account 

"But… maybe I’M the one… maybe I’m the one who is the schizophrenic psycho… …yeah…”

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【ブレショ2】新刊サンプル【小説本】 | ぽるか [pixiv]

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"Sounds interesting~," Syo grinned. "Let’s watch it~ … I mean that’s what couples do, right? They watch romantic comedies," Syo frowned. Then suddenly she smiled and put the dvd into the player. 

"Come on," she grabbed Kyouko’s hand and dragged her to the couch. Sitting down comfortably, she draped herself all over Kyouko and snuggled close. 

Kyouko was about to protest before she was dragged to the couch. With a sigh, she let her head roll back in defeat and stared at the blank ceiling. It didn’t take long for her to come up with a (hopefully) temporary solution to her predicament.

"Did you want anything to eat or drink? I could make popcorn…" If Syo had something to munch on, her sticky hands wouldn’t be all over the detective (hopefully). And it gave Kyouko an excuse to slip away from the serial killer while she was mesmerized by the beginning of the movie (hopefully).


Sanri skipped around as a silly little trap got triggered. Her cape almost getting caught but didn’t. She laughed a little, still looking around for more traps and other things. Thank god, the previous trap didn’t give off any signals to alert the police of her arrival. 

"I bet you’re thinking, ‘boy! These traps sure are pa-theh-tic! The police will never catch me!’, right?”

Apparently Kyouko wasn’t the only one to invite herself to the party. A bespectacled, brown-haired young woman had planted herself in the shadows of the room, waiting for the perfect moment. That perfect moment happened to be right as the thief was maneuvering herself around a fickle and dangerous trap.

"Well, you’re right! The police will never catch you!" A big, cocky grin spread across her features and she pointed dramatically at the criminal. "That’s because I, the Great Detective Yui Samidare, will catch you first!”

The Confrontation (@detectivephiliac)


Naegi stayed silent, then he bit his lip.

"I’d…rather you figure out than me tell you…I suppose this is enough evidence." he closed his eyes, he never liked doing this because of it’s…side effect that can occur but, it can’t happen, he wont let it…but, even his fears got to him, what would she say?…

It was too late to back out now, he went for a different approach though.

"I…I don’t want to show you after so I guess I do have to tell you, I’m sorry Kirigiri but….I’m…I’m not….Human." He looked away from her, he didn’t want to see her reaction at all.

She just stared at him, evidence running through her head. Things she couldn’t find an answer for now had something to back them up. …Even if Naegi didn’t make that poor despair-ridden face, Kyouko would never react aggressively to such news.

"…Is that all?" She offered a soft smile. "See? Was that so hard? Don’t tell me - you thought I would give you a hard time? Claim that such a thing was impossible? You should have a higher opinion of me, Naegi-kun."

Placing her hand on her chin, she continued casually as her eyes roamed over the boy’s body. “Now, inhuman can be many things - including things I have never even heard of. But, if we put together my prior knowledge and the evidence encountered thus far, we arrive at… …mechanical. Machina, in some sources. I presume highly sophisticated robot is a general enough term for your situation, correct?”

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