hope detective; despair defective

"Kyouko Kirigiri - detective. I'm only admitting this because I'm trying to subtly invite you to a special investigation.
An investigation of the d e a d."

[Independent Dangan Ronpa RP blog for Kyouko Kirigiri. Post-despair; slightly AU.
Main blog of "kiir-deertective". Will RP with anyone.]

Physical Health: Bruised & Wounded [Minor]
Mental Health: Uncomfortable
Relationship Status: Single
M!A Status: N/A [Open]


it’s a prosecutor’s duty to uphold the law

(especially if it’s smokin hot damn)


◇◆◇◆◇ by DN
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist



Given that I have been forced to join this site by some ugly wench that shall remain nameless (Ryouko Otonashi), I might as well take full advantage of the site’s mechanics and attempt to gather as many “followers” as possible.

Reblog this if you’re a Dangan Ronpa/Super Dangan Ronpa 2/Dangan Ronpa 0 RP blog. And pretend I asked nicely. 



Five followers? JUST five followers?! Fuckin’ unacceptable!!


I’m gonna ask again, if yer a DR RP blog of any verse, reblog an’ yer candy ass’ll be saved!!

Just about four more things I need to do before RP replies become top priority! If all goes well, replies should be going out by Sunday at the latest!



By 芋煮

just saying - 

i don’t think you understand

want invasive anons that piss my character off. want questions about their family and lovers and etc. want responses to memes (you never know what a meme can do). i want random magic anons.

want to interact with my followers. 

you are always free to send me anything, anonymous or not.



if u ship ur muse with my muse


because i might also ship it

but i would be sitting there like

welp, i would do this, but i don’t know if they like it

Also tell me if you don’t. Cause I might ship it and not realize you don’t.

How deep is your d e s p a i r?


Found in  コナンLOG【腐】#2  by  ぶら

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