hope detective; despair defective

"Kyouko Kirigiri - detective. I'm only admitting this because I'm trying to subtly invite you to a special investigation.
An investigation of the d e a d."

[Independent Dangan Ronpa RP blog for Kyouko Kirigiri. Post-despair; slightly AU.
Main blog of "kiir-deertective". Will RP with anyone.]

Physical Health: Bruised & Wounded [Minor]
Mental Health: Uncomfortable
Relationship Status: Single
M!A Status: N/A [Open]



"My ‘I’m-being-played-OOC' sense is tingling.”


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i just freaked out because i may have just had an epiphany

kyouko kirigiri broke her family’s pride to get noticed by the recruitment committee for the academy.

kyouko kirigiri registered for the DSC when she was 13 and strived to become a 000 class detective, even though the DSC was against everything her grandfather believed in

did kirigiri become a triple zero class detective to get into hope’s peak

updated about page and yet not a single reply is done

                                   I’ll hold your hand
                                          while you s l e e p
                             So don’t be afraid
                                       I won’t let shadows
                              touch your


kirigiri school mode things summary:

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