hope detective; despair defective

"Kyouko Kirigiri - detective. I'm only admitting this because I'm trying to subtly invite you to a special investigation.
An investigation of the d e a d."

[Independent Dangan Ronpa RP blog for Kyouko Kirigiri. Post-despair; slightly AU.
Main blog of "kiir-deertective". Will RP with anyone.]

Physical Health: Fine
Mental Health: Unfocused
Relationship Status: Single
M!A Status: N/A [Open]

Track: Get Stoned
Artist: Hinder
Album: Extreme Behavior
Plays: 1,631


Get Stoned- Hinder

"Well until the mun is ready to work on replies, I’m just going to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy again…”

      More often than not, Kyouko’s work habits take her to empty streets and alleys late into the nights.

     Since she wants to be super aware of her surroundings, she has started to carry headphones on her person so she can play music without covering her ears when she feels a bit lonely or anxious. It’s a good substitution for coffee, because singing and humming (and dancing) to her music tends to keep her awake. She doesn’t care what strangers think of her, but she does worry about running into someone she knows (thankfully very rare, since most of her friends are day dwellers).

     she also just really likes investigating with Queen in the background. because Queen should always provide the soundtrack to her life, in her own opinion.




     “I believe… these sleeping pills are becoming increasingly ineffective. Time to find a new solution, I suppose…”


“Sweetie, if you become to reliant on things like that, of course they aren’t. Try something other than sleeping pills, like drinking milk an hour before bed!”

"Milk, hm…? Well, in addition to the pills, I’ve been drinking a certain type of tea, which is supposed to help… But perhaps I’ll try drinking milk for a couple nights. Thank you, oneesama."


[August 15th, 12 something noon…

                 …Today like any has an ending so to say.]

Roleplay Blog for Makoto Naegi from Dangan Ronpa, AU where Makoto is a robot.

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     “I believe… these sleeping pills are becoming increasingly ineffective. Time to find a new solution, I suppose…”

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落書き by 夢見屋@カンガルーキック

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

"…Hm. Have… textbook prices always been this expensive…? Had I known this, I would have given a hand to my college and university-bound acquaintances in… acquiring these books."

    Kyouko may be a law-abiding detective (for the most part), but some laws were meant to be broken.

the blood will always
                                      my hands

and no matter
how much i
s   k   i   n

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